PNA Monomers

Creative Peptides provides PNA monomers, which are part of PNA oligomers.

  • Fmoc PNA Monomers

    The PNA monomer synthesized by Fmoc strategy avoids strong corrosiveness and has high quality.

  • Boc PNA Monomers

    Using Boc synthesis technology can quantify PNA monomer and increase the yield.

  • Modified PNA Monomers

    The modified PNA monomer has better performance.


Creative Peptides provides a variety of PNA probe products with high sensitivity and specific hybridization.

  • Telomere Probes

    Telomere PNA probes can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of repeated telomere sequences.

  • Centromere Probes

    Centromeric PNA probe can identify the centromeric region of each chromosome and detect the numerical analysis of chromosomes.

  • CAG Repeat Probes

    CAG repeat sequence PNA probe is used to detect and analyze the repeat sequence.

PNA Inhibitors

Creative Peptides provides sequence-specific PNA inhibitors mainly for RNA.

  • miRNA Inhibitors

    PNA specifically binds to the miRNAs that are paired with each other, thereby inhibiting the regulation of miRNA itself.

  • Globin Reduction PNA

    PNA can prevent the reaction of globin, so that non-globin mRNA can be amplified more easily.

  • PNA Clamp Kits

    PNA can bind to wild-type DNA so that it cannot be amplified by PCR, and mutant DNA can be easily amplified and detected.

PNA Reagents

Creative Peptides provides various reagents related to PNA synthesis and operation.

  • PNA Intermediates

    This mainly includes the intermediate materials required for the PNA synthesis process.

  • PNA Bases

    This mainly includes the bases needed in the process of PNA synthesis.

  • PNA Synthesis Reagents

    This mainly includes the spacers and other reagents needed for PNA synthesis.

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