PNA-peptide Conjugates Synthesis

PNA-peptide Conjugates Synthesis

About PNA-peptide Conjugates

PNA-peptide Conjugates

Compared with the corresponding DNA duplexes, PNA-DNA duplexes have been shown to be less tolerant of mismatches, so PNA recognizes complementary nucleic acid strands more specifically. Such biophysical properties, as well as high chemistry, enzyme stability, and low toxicity make PNA one of the most valuable nucleic acid mimics, and it has great application potential as a genetic diagnosis and antisense and anti-gene strategy therapy. However, the applicability of PNA is limited by poor water solubility and easy formation of aggregates, especially the poor cell membrane permeability. In order to overcome these shortcomings, the development of PNA-peptide conjugates has received extensive attention.

Creative Peptides is committed to supporting the synthesis and development of our customers' PNA-peptide conjugates with our expertise and leadership in order to achieve the greatest success in research.

PNA-peptide Conjugates Synthesis Methods

PNA-peptide conjugates can be prepared by continuous peptide synthesis using Boc or Fmoc chemistry or by chemical conjugation in a solution of purified PNA and purified peptide. There are several types of coupling chemistry methods available, or the redox chemistry of sulfur can be used to form disulfide-(S-S) to bridge the conjugate. Such conjugation chemistry includes the formation of thioethers via addition to electrophilic substrates like maleimides or by nucleophilic substitution to iodoacetamides.

Why Choose Us

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Creative Peptides focuses on solving the most important and complex PNA synthesis and development problems for customers, and focuses on providing comprehensive synthesis services to effectively help the development of PNA products. Please contact us to discuss what we can do in your PNA product development process.


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