PNA Modification

PNA Modification

The modification of PNA includes two types of modification of backbone and base. Modification is a process of optimizing structure and performance, focusing on safety and effectiveness. Creative Peptides has a full range of services and expertise to help customers successfully start and complete the PNA development plan that meets the required functions.

PNA Performance

  • Excellent performance

    • The ability to bind to complementary DNA or RNA based on the base pairing principle.
    • PNA hybridization has a high degree of stability and sequence specificity.
    • PNA has the ability to resist degradation by nuclease and protease, and has good chemical and biological stability.
    • Chemical modification of PNA is convenient and feasible.
  • Poor performance

    • Since PNA is an electrically neutral compound and has a tendency to self-aggregate, it has poor water solubility.
    • The strand displacement reaction between PNA and double-stranded DNA is ineffective under physiological conditions.
    • When combined with complementary DNA/RNA, the direction is uncertain (parallel or anti-parallel).
    • Poor uptake of PNA by cells.

Modification Purpose

The excellent performance of PNA determines its wide application prospects, it has become a very useful molecular biology tool and has potential application value in gene therapy drugs. However, the classic PNA still has the following shortcomings: its water solubility will decrease as the chain grows and the ratio of purine to pyrimidine increases, and the cell's intake of PNA is poor. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, in-depth chemical modification and transformation of PNA were carried out to adjust its physical, chemical and biological properties.

Our Services

We provide modifications to the PNA backbone, bases, and the connection mode and position of the backbone and bases. A large number of modified PNAs have been synthesized. These new PNAs significantly improved water solubility, increased hybridization affinity, etc., and fulfilled the researcher's PNA pharmaceutical function and purpose. The modified PNA can also be further applied as a molecular biology tool in genetic diagnosis and detection, gene chips and biosensors.


From the design and modification of the preliminary plan to the development of the experiment, feedback, report submission and filing, we will actively communicate with you in every link, let you participate in every link, and understand the progress and real situation of your project.

  • One-stop

    Our technical experts will formulate reasonable research plans for you, effectively carry out the implementation of the subject, then achieve seamless connection.

  • Systematic technical

    We report the progress of the experiment to you in time during the experiment, and provide you with a standardized research report after the experiment.

  • Strict privacy and copyrightprotection

    We promise not to disclose the author's personal information and any text and electronic files submitted by the author to anyone outside the company’s projects.

Creative Peptides is committed to providing a full range of PNA services. We insist on integrity and professionalism to win the trust and cooperation of customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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