Endosomolytic Solutions for PNA Cell Delivery

Endosomolytic Solutions for PNA Cell Delivery

The poor cellular uptake of PNA can be improved by combining some carrier molecules, but the efficacy of these PNA conjugates is still retained by endosomes. The bioavailability of PNA conjugates can be improved through the use of endosomalytic strategies. Creative Peptides provides two endosomalytic solutions to further promote the cellular uptake of PNA.

Our Solutions

Facing the challenge that the PNA delivered from the endosomal compartment can be efficiently and functionally delivered to the cell, Creative Peptides provides two solutions that can be easily applied to PNA cell delivery to improve the intracellular PNA bioavailability.

  • Chloroquine Treatment

    Chloroquine can interfere with immune cells called macrophages, which are used by the body to recognize tiny foreign objects and destroy them. Therefore, chloroquine can reduce the immune clearance of PNA, leading to an increase in the accumulation of PNA drugs in the cell.

  • Photochemical Internalization Treatment

    PCI technology consists of light-sensitive compounds, which are incorporated into endocytic vesicles during the uptake of PNA molecules through endocytosis. After being irradiated with light, the photosensitizer is activated, which causes the release of PNA into the cytoplasm, which can achieve the goal of PNA.

Development and Optimization of PNA Endosomolytic Process

As your PNA development partner, we have a wealth of experience, expertise and ability to guide your project. Our PNA endosomolytic service includes process development and optimization to support the final market launch.

  • Endosomolytic Solutions for PNA Cell Delivery

    Process development

    We have rich experience in establishing and optimizing PNA delivery process, developing solutions for cell culture process, purification capacity, process optimization, etc.

  • Endosomolytic Solutions for PNA Cell Delivery

    Process representation

    We conduct preliminary risk assessments, generate tabular data and reports to support regulatory filings, and customers can view existing process history and data.

  • Endosomolytic Solutions for PNA Cell Delivery

    Process validation

    Carry out the testing and verification of the delivery system to achieve a robust delivery process, optimal biological activity and good effective delivery strategy.


As one of the well-known biotechnology companies, we are known for reliable, high-quality services, global capabilities, innovative technology platforms and rich experience. Compared with other cell delivery strategies, our endosomolytic solutions have several advantages.

  • Combined with endosomolytic technology, PNA can have high specificity for target genes, resist degradation in the body, and can target a wide range of tissue types.
  • We use endosomolytic technology to develop a diverse portfolio of delivery systems, focusing on application, innovation and high-quality PNA cell delivery technology to help you successfully develop PNA products.
  • Creative Peptides continues to improve and innovate to meet your expectations and increase your chances of business success.

We believe that successful cooperation is the best result for you, and we can solve the challenges faced by PNA delivery together. Please contact us to promote your development .

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