PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

Creative Peptides develops PNA with stable structure and high specific affinity for customers and a simpler and more sensitive microbial detection technology based on PNA to help you expand the application of PNA in food, environmental samples, clinical and other aspects.

Our Mission

Microorganism detection methods including traditional culture, serum antibody detection and biochemical characterization have the disadvantages of complicated operation process, cumbersome and time-consuming. We apply the high sensitivity and specificity of PNA probes to microbial detection methods, which can directly obtain accurate results and simplify detection methods.

Base-PNA Solutions for Direct Detection of Microorganisms

Our world-class PNA and microbiology experts can develop and implement PNA-based test solutions for direct detection and identification of microorganisms tailored specifically for your products, mainly including fluorescence in situ hybridization and PCR.

  • PNA-FISH technology

    PNA-FISH technology with rRNA as the target sequence can be used to analyze the composition of microbial communities in complex environments, monitor and identify microorganisms in natural habitats, and detect uncultivated microorganisms. It can provide microbial morphology, quantity, and spatial distribution and other information.

  • Q-PNA PCR technology

    We use PNA to develop Light Up probes and Light Speed probes, combined with the Q-PNA PCR method, which can be used for real-time detection of amplified products. The principle is to use specific primers to amplify the target fragment, and bind with a fluorescently-labeled PNA probe to send a signal to achieve real-time monitoring.

Base-PNA Solutions for Identification after Culture Enrichment

Creative Peptides experts can use PNA technology to solve the problem of microbial detection after microbial culture and amplification, and provide microbial monitoring, identification, counting and other professional fields and services.

PNA in situ hybridization Solid phase PNA-FISH Liquid phase PNA-FISH This method can complete detection, identification and counting at one time to improve efficiency. The microorganisms to be tested are made into smears, and use PNA-FISH technology for detection. The PNA and microorganism are hybridized with liquid phase to detect the fluorescence signal through a fluorescence microscope and a flow cytometer.

Application Scenarios

Microbial testing services are a key requirement of many industries around the world, Creative Peptides provides solutions for microbial analysis in these industries and develop PNAs for microbial identification, counting, and analysis.

  • PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

    Food Industry

  • PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

    Environmental industry

  • PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

    Clinical research


  • At Creative Peptides , we have been exploring emerging PNA microbial detection technologies and working with manufacturers to meet their industry testing needs. We have selected core technologies and develop new PNA technologies for company access and testing.
  • In addition to the solutions we provide, our website also provides extensive research and development information, technical introductions and related products.

We are always looking for new technologies to bring benefits to microbiological detection and analysis applications. If you have relevant development ideas, please contact us--we are happy to help you with it.

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.