Custom PNA Probes

Custom PNA Probes

PNA Probes

PNA Probes

PNA can be used for many hybridization applications, the same as natural or synthetic DNA probes, but it has the advantages of tighter binding and higher specificity. Therefore, the research on PNA is mainly focused on its development as a probe for in situ hybridization analysis.

PNA probes have high binding specificity, and a 15-mer PNA probe can replace a set of longer DNA probes. In addition, the neutral backbone of PNA allows them to bind to DNA or RNA under low ionic strength conditions. Another advantage of using PNA probes is low background signal and compatibility with a variety of reporter molecules and fluorescent dyes, including fluorescein, rhodamine, cyanine and Alexa dyes. The unique properties of PNA have been widely used in gene mutation analysis, chromosome analysis, and research and diagnosis of human pathology, virology, bacteria and fungi. Specifically divide into the following three categories.

  • PNA probes in histochemical in situ hybridization
  • PNA probes in cytogenetic analysis
  • PNA probes in microbiological analysis
  • PNA probes in disease diagnosis

Our Services

Creative Peptides can provide a variety of PNA probe products and specific custom services, mainly including the following types, these products will be widely used.

Probe Design Schemes

Self-reported PNA probe

The self-reporting PNA probe is fluorescently labeled. When there is no complementary target, it does not emit light or is self-quenched. When it binds to the target, the probe emits fluorescence. The separation and washing steps after this probe hybridization can be omitted.

Probe Design Schemes

Fig.1 Schematic diagram (He W.; Ma L.R.2003)


A quencher-labeled PNA is used to mask the signal generated by the fluorescent dye-labeled DNA primer. The primer has a label sequence and a fluorescent label, and the combination of PNA and the label sequence on the primer can make the quencher close to the fluorescent label of the primer. During PCR, PNA is replaced and fluorescence is released.

Probe Design Schemes

Fig.2 Schematic diagram (He W.; Ma L.R.2003)


  • Creative Peptides has extensive experience in the research and manufacture of PNA probes, including PNA probe design and synthesis services.
  • With years of PNA service, we are able to provide the highest level of quality control for the synthesis of each custom ordered product.
  • The expertise of our scientists makes fast turn around and the best customer support.


  • He W.; Ma L.R. Peptide nucleic acid. Chemical Industry Press. 2003.

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.