Development of PNA Microarrays Biosensors

Development of PNA Microarrays Biosensors

Creative Peptides is an experienced team composed of experts in PNA technology, biosensors, and biochips. Our expertise in biology, physics, and surface chemistry enables us to provide PNA-based microarray biosensor development solutions for researchers and laboratories around the world.

About PNA Microarrays

Development of PNA Microarrays Biosensors

The PNA microarray biosensor, or PNA biochip, is an analytical device based on covalently immobilizing thousands of PNA probes on a solid substrate. The PNA probes are arranged in a miniaturized two-dimensional dot array, the sample is hybridized with the microarray, and the specific target-probe interaction is detected by a high-resolution scanner. Compared with DNA, the improved stability of PNA and its unique hybridization characteristics provide the possibility of label-free and high-throughput analysis, significantly improving the speed and performance of molecular biology experiments.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of PNA microarray development for research, diagnostics and many other life science applications, as well as detection applications for a wide range of fields such as life sciences and environmental and food analysis. The main services of solutions include but are not limited to the following.

  • Custom PNA microarray

    We design PNA probes that are shorter than equivalent DNA or RNA probes. PNA probe molecules can be synthesized separately through standard peptide synthesis procedures in advance or high-density PNA library arrays can be synthesized in situ by using photolithography on a porous support medium.

  • Immobilize on solid substrate

    We prepare a readable substrate that provides a strong bond between the probe and its addressing site. The main substrate materials include glass, plastic, membranes, microtiter plates, conductors, etc. We treat the surface and select a coupling agent to covalently attach the array and functionalize surface.

  • Detect PNA microarray

    We benchmark various contact and non-contact spotters to select the ideal system. Perform customer specific microarray experiments, evaluations, and records, and compare the results obtained with PNA-based arrays and DNA microarrays. Improve the specificity and stability of the product by measuring and optimizing the experiment.

Our Methods

We provide high-efficiency licensed products, services and technologies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government researchers. Our innovative tools provide a comprehensive approach to PNA microarrays.

  • PNA synthesis
  • Microarray development, testing, and evaluation
  • Label-free detection
  • Colorimetric and fluorescence detection
  • Data analysis
  • Quality control


Development of PNA Microarrays Biosensors
  • Design PNA probes that are shorter than equivalent DNA or RNA probes.
  • Develop PNA-based microarrays for a wide range of biological samples.
  • Provide systematic research on the performance of biosensors.
  • High-quality and repeatable data.
  • Applicable to different disciplines of biotechnology and medicine.
  • Innovative, simple and low-cost development with high sensitivity, specificity and repeatability.

Talk to Us

Our customized PNA array provides a wide range of customization options for individual researchers or companies who need specialized content, providing innovative products, tools and resources, and a fast service cycle. Please talk to us the service you need, and you can contact us via hotline or email. Our technicians will respond to your questions and requirements within 24 hours.
Creative Peptides have rich experience in PNA microarray design and production, including analysis design, surface and immobilization chemistry, detection and data analysis, all of which make us an ideal partner.


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