PNA Nucleobase Modification

PNA Nucleobase Modification

PNA Nucleobase Modification

The original design of PNA is based on the repeating unit of 2-aminoethylglycine, which is attached with overhanging nucleobases, thus retaining the basic geometric characteristics of natural nucleic acids. Compared with unmodified DNA or RNA, PNA can hybridize with complementary nucleic acids and has high sequence selectivity. These characteristics, coupled with its biological and chemical stability, have attracted attention in applications ranging from in vitro diagnostics to antisense reagents.

Creative Peptides can provide PNA base modification services and is committed to accelerating the development of PNA for customers.

Nucleobase Modification

In order to further adjust the characteristics of PNA oligomers, different nucleobase modifications have been developed, including the modification of the functional group in the purine/pyrimidine base and the modification of the heterocyclic core itself. The modified bases in the PNA monomer increase the affinity and selectivity of the PNA, enhance the stability and recognition ability of the duplex, and the formation of the triplex. In many cases, they can also monitor PNA fluorescence.

  • Mainly for structural modification of pyrimidine, and besides the four bases of DNA, there are also some naturally occurring nucleic acid pyrimidine bases, such as uracil.
  • The synthesis of guanine acetic acid derivatives is more complex, and its modification is challenging, people mainly study the modification of adenine.
  • Many base substitutions have been synthesized, and they can hybridize with DNA. These include a variety of heterocyclic bases to replace purine or pyrimidine bases.
  • We provide a variety of labeling and conjugate options for labeling services, and provide customers with personalized solutions to meet their special needs.
PNA Nucleobase Modification

Our Services

  • We use solid-phase peptide synthesis technology to synthesize PNAs of different lengths and different base modification types, and use HPLC to purify the products. The final product provides corresponding mass spectra, HPLC chromatograms for purity analysis.
  • The ordering process, production process, delivery process, and payment confirmation process are convenient and fast. The finished product can be delivered for use in the first time, reducing intermediate links.
  • For the PNA sequence provided by the customer, we must keep it strictly confidential and never disclose it.
  • We also provide different customized scales: single PNA, batch PNA, and PNA scale can be planned according to customer requirements.

Creative Peptides is committed to applying all our extensive experience in previous research to your PNA trial service. You will work with our professional team, who fully understands and overcomes the challenges you face. If you are preparing for your PNA development and need to make base modifications to it, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we can do for your development plan.

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