Electroporation Strategy for PNA Delivery

Electroporation Strategy for PNA Delivery

The poor water solubility of PNA limits its development and application, so it is very important to find a suitable solution for your PNA cell delivery. Creative Peptides has extensive experience and can provide a satisfactory electroporation solution for your PNA cell delivery.

About Electroporation

Electroporation refers to a biophysical process in which cells form micropores in the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane under the action of an external electric field, so that the permeability of the cell membrane is enhanced. When the cell membrane is electroporated, some macromolecules such as PNA that cannot pass through the cell membrane under normal circumstances can enter the cell.

Method of Delivering PNA by Electroporation

Electroporation Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • Prepare the electroporator, culture medium, target cells and other materials.
  • Construct the PNA sequence and synthesize it by Creative Peptides .
  • All operations of electroporation transfection were performed under sterile conditions. Adjust the cell density and select parameters such as voltage and capacitance to shock the cells.
  • The detection was performed at 48 h after electroporation to calculate the cell survival rate, and the fluorescence expression rate was detected by flow cytometry to determine the transfection effect.

Applications of Electroporation in PNA Cell Delivery

Electroporation provides a more feasible method to transfer PNA to cells. This method has been successfully used in a number of studies. We have listed some applied cases for reference.


Target cell

Application effect

Anti-telomerase PNA

SV40 transformed fibroblast

More than 60% inhibition of the telomerase activity

Anti-influenza virus PNA


Under electroporation conditions, exposure of cells to PNA significantly enhances the inhibitory effect of HIV replication

PNA targeting γ-globin gene

Sickle cell

PNA can induce gene expression in vitro and in vivo


  • It has the advantages of simple operation, easy control of electrical parameters, high repeatability, and high perforation efficiency.
  • The scope of application is extremely wide, and it can be applied to almost all types of cells.
  • It can be used in any tissue that allows the insertion of electrodes.

However, there are still some shortcomings in the application of electroporation in vivo. The application of high voltage can cause irreversible damage to local tissues.

Our Highlights

  • Advanced instrument

    We provide a set of electroporation equipment, including a reaction plate electroporator for all cell types and a single cuvette electroporator, and a universal electroporation buffer to improve transformation efficiency.

  • Electroporation scheme library

    We have experimental protocols obtained from the literature, developed by Creative Peptides scientists or submitted by customers, and choose the most suitable experimental protocol for you from an extensive library of protocols.

  • One-stop service

    Creative Peptides provides a one-stop service from PNA design and construction, to cell delivery solutions, to product development, and can build a solution package that suits you and advance your best path for PNA development.

Creative Peptides has always been committed to meeting the needs of customers for PNA cell delivery. We are flexible, adaptable and reliable, and consistently solve the difficulties encountered in cell delivery during the PNA development process.

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