Conjugation Carrier Molecular Strategy for PNA Delivery

Conjugation Carrier Molecular Strategy for PNA Delivery

PNA conjugate refers to the direct covalent bonding of PNA and ligand, or the covalent connection of the two through an intermediary group, to obtain a PNA-ligand complex. Therefore, finding suitable carrier molecules and preparing PNA-carrier conjugates with excellent transmembrane transport performance is an effective means for PNA to efficiently pass through the cell membrane.

Conjugation Carrier Molecular Strategy for PNA Delivery

Creative Peptides has extensively explored the carrier molecules that can be covalently bound to PNA and pass through the cell membrane, providing customers with the option of using PNA-carrier conjugates to solve cell delivery problems.

Carrier Molecule Selection

Creative Peptides provides high-quality DNA-carrier conjugates, and select carrier molecules according to your various specifications, modifications, and purity requirements. Among them, peptides, as a particularly multifunctional carrier, can significantly improve cell uptake.

  • Small Molecule Ligand Conjugation

    The covalent binding of small molecules capable of passing through cell membranes and PNA can be used for cell transport. Including lipophilic adamantyl groups, which can be attached to the C-terminus of PNA to promote cellular uptake; and some dendritic systems are conjugated with PNA to promote cell delivery; the combination with phospholipid units can also improve the delivery of PNA.

  • Peptide

    Combination with cell penetrating peptide (CPP) is one of the most widely used PNA cell delivery methods. CPP can generally be divided into two categories: cationic CPP and natural CPP. Among them, cationic CPP is usually rich in positively charged amino acids, such as lysine or arginine and amphiphilic peptides, and its structure allows direct translocation across the plasma membrane.

Carrier Conjugation Service

Creative Peptides is based on a variety of diversified technical service platforms to meet customer needs and synthesize the PNA-carrier conjugates you need. In addition to the standard PNA-carrier conjugates, we provide the following:

  • Double-stranded PNA carrier conjugation
  • PNA-carrier-PNA conjugation
  • Carrier-PNA-Carrier conjugation
  • PNA-carrier conjugation labeled with fluorescent dyes or other modifications

Delivery Method

Conjugation Carrier Molecular Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • Choose a suitable medium for cell culture, and cultivate adherent cells until the cells are completely fused into a monolayer.
  • The synthesis of PNA conjugates is carried out by standard solid-phase synthesis strategies, and peptides are usually conjugated to the N-terminus of the PNA through continuous solid-phase conjugates of ethylene glycol linkers or glycine.
  • Dilute the PNA conjugate solution in the culture medium to the desired concentration, and replace the growth medium with the PNA solution to further incubate the cells.
  • Use fluorescence microscope to check the effect of cells uptake of PNA and determine the delivery efficiency of the PNA conjugates.


  • Provide high-quality and high-yield PNA-carrier conjugates. Each conjugate is carefully monitored during the synthesis process and has strict quality assurance.
  • With advanced vector screening technology, the discovery of these vectors has brought new ideas to the development of PNA.

Creative Peptides has a diversified technical service platform that can synthesize the PNA conjugates you need, and facilitate the research on the cell delivery of your PNA drugs. We provide technical consultation and support, you can contact us if you have any needs.

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