Gene Specific PNA Probes

Gene Specific PNA Probes

PNA probes have great potential for therapeutic applications as well as diagnostic and research uses, especially when highly specific matching is required. When using very short PNAs, even if a single base pair mismatch occurs, using these unique PNA functions combined with FISH technology can identify the presence of mutant genes at the single-cell level.

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All DNA is composed of two complementary strands, which are perfectly matched to each other and twisted together in the form of a double helix. At a sufficiently high temperature, the DNA splits and the two strands separate. When the DNA cools, the complementary bases will rematch and recombine together. But between heating and cooling, genetic probes are applied to the mixture, and the probes are perfectly matched to their genes of interest, and also contain some kind of label, such as a fluorescent or color label, so that the match can be detected.

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Creative Peptides provides custom services for gene-specific PNA probes. Through the target sequence provided to us by customers, we will have a professional team to design the probe sequence, not only to achieve the purpose of detection and diagnosis, but also to achieve high specificity and sensitivity, thereby improving diagnostic resolution.

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  • There is a growing demand for rapid detection methods for genetic aberrations associated with various diseases. Such clinical tests require sensitive, reliable, cost-effective and high-throughput analytical methods. The ability to qualitatively and quantitatively detect oncogenes has significantly improved the accuracy of early detection, disease staging, prevention, and planned personalized treatment.
  • The most common DNA-based probes are prone to hydrolytic degradation and have low affinity for the target under stringent hybridization conditions. The PNA probe can distinguish complementary and mismatched targets with short sequences (≤20 mer), and their chemical stability under various conditions.
  • It can effectively distinguish single-base and double-base mismatches.

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PNA is a DNA mimic, which is more sensitive to mismatches than DNA probes and will not be used as a primer for DNA polymerase. Therefore, the application of PNA in the diagnosis of disease-related gene mutations has been developed. Coupled with the development of some new detection methods and instruments, simpler and more sensitive genetic detection methods will be developed, and PNA will become a very potential diagnostic tool.

In the continuous development of PNA, Creative Peptides is willing to be your sincere partner to help you complete your PNA development and application. Our PNA probes can be completely customized according to any gene sequence you choose, and the best PNA probes with high sensitivity can be created based on expert opinions and probe design algorithms. If you are not sure about your target gene or you want to use your own sequence, please contact us and we will communicate with you further.


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