Cell Permeabilization Strategy for PNA Delivery

Cell Permeabilization Strategy for PNA Delivery

Cell Permeabilization Strategy for PNA Delivery

Cell permeabilization technology can improve the permeability of the cell envelope without causing cell lysis and without destroying the internal organic structure of the cell, so that small molecules and some larger molecules can enter and exit the cell freely.

Creative Peptides provides cell permeabilization strategy to solve the cell delivery of PNA, and helps customers advance research progress through cell permeabilization technology.

Cell Permeabilization Methods

According to the different treatment methods, our permeabilization strategy can be generally divided into three categories: permeabilization reagent, physical treatment and molecular biology method.

  • Permeabilization reagent

    Permeabilization reagent mainly uses the interaction between the permeabilization reagent and the bacterial envelope to destroy its complete structure or interfere with its normal formation, thereby improving the permeation ability of the bacterial cell to PNA.

  • Physical treatment

    Physical treatment is mainly to destroy the structure of cell envelope of bacterial body through various physical effects, thereby improving permeability of the cell to PNA. Physical treatment has the advantages of non-toxic reagent residues and easy control of parameters.

  • Molecular biology method

    Genetic engineering technology is also used to improve the permeability of bacterial cells to substrates. Compared with other traditional methods, molecular biology methods have little or no damage to cells and can fully ensure cell viability.

Experimental Strategy

Cell Permeabilization Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • The PNA used can be developed and synthesized by Creative Peptides , or can be directly prepared according to your development ideas. The finished PNA is purified by HPLC, and test the synthesized PNA by detecting the combination of PNA and target sequence.
  • The target cells can be provided directly by the customer, and the cells are maintained in a suitable growth medium.
  • Choose one or more methods to permeabilize the cells in order to deliver PNA to the cells. Generally, it is more common to use permeabilization reagents, such as organic solvents, surfactants, chelating agents, lysins, antimicrobial peptides, and cell wall synthesis inhibitors. Choose one or several permeabilization reagents, compare the treatment effects of different reagents, and select the best method.
  • In order to detect the internalization of PNA in cells, we use fluorescein-labeled PNA oligomers and observe its absorption by cells through standard fluorescence microscopes and confocal microscopes.

Our Highlights

Cell Permeabilization Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • Creative Peptides provides cell permeabilization strategies and technologies for PNA cell delivery, including various permeabilization methods to choose from, facilitating the design and development of experiments.
  • We use leading technology, instruments and analytical methods to provide diverse and complete solutions to ensure that we provide customers with accurate experimental data and the best solutions on time.

Creative Peptides 'scientists are committed to helping our customers accelerate the journey of PNA cell delivery research through years of valuable experience and mature technical means. To learn more about cell permeabilization solutions for PNA cell delivery, please feel free to contact us.

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