PNA/DNA Chimera Synthesis

PNA/DNA Chimera Synthesis

Creative Peptides provides PNA/DNA chimera related services, we can provide design and synthesis integrated services, and committed to helping you solve synthesis problems and customize high-stability, multi-type PNA/DNA chimera products.

About PNA/DNA Chimera

Pure PNA has significant binding properties, but it has completely different properties from DNA and RNA. For example, it cannot be recognized as a substrate when it interacts with nucleic acid modifying enzymes. On the one hand, this is an advantage, because it makes PNA very stable for the degradation of nucleases; but on the other hand, it also limits certain applications of PNA, such as not being used as a substrate for DNA polymerase, DNA kinase or DNA ligase. In one molecule, the combination of PNA and DNA can produce PNA/DNA chimeras with new properties. This substance significantly improves the solubility of PNA in aqueous solutions, PNA/DNA chimera can be analyzed and purified by PAGE and ion exchange chromatography because the DNA part is negatively charged. Interestingly, PNA/DNA chimeras also have biological functions, such as being used as primers for DNA polymerases or binding to RNA to mediate the dissociation of RNase H. Finally, the study of PNA/DNA chimeras can provide useful information about the structural and functional properties of DNA and RNA themselves.

Service Process

Application of PNA/DNA Chimera

According to the high binding specificity, the stability to nuclease, the dissociation activity of RNase H, and the solubility characteristics of PNA/DNA chimera, the chimera may be used in the following aspects:

  • High stability can help to clearly distinguish between single-stranded and double-stranded sequences, making PNA/DNA chimeras potential probes and primers.
  • PNA/DNA chimeras can be used as primers for certain polymerases and reverse transcriptases, and can also bind to the primer binding sites of viral RNA genomes and effectively completely block DNA synthesis.
  • Enhance the stability of exonuclease, and can induce RNase H to dissociate the duplex, so it can be used in the field of diagnosis and antisense.

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    We will customize the PNA/DNA chimera products you expect according to your synthesis needs to meet your scientific research requirements.

Creative Peptides provides multiple types of PNA/DNA chimeras for research and development. We use HPLC analysis and mass spectrometry to ensure purity and confirm identity. If you have custom PNA/DNA chimera requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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