PNA-Based Biosensors Solutions

PNA-Based Biosensors Solutions

Creative Peptides provides PNA-based biosensor development services for customer specific applications in various fields in the form of technology development and consulting.

About PNA-Based Biosensors

PNA-Based Biosensors Solutions

Biosensor is a new type of detection device that organically combines biologically active materials with physical and chemical transducers. Its principle is to use biological recognition and biological reactions to convert the information generated by physical or chemical transducers into quantitative and processable information signal. The high stability of PNA in hybridization and its ability to distinguish mismatches make it an obvious advantage as a hybridization probe in disease genetic diagnosis, point mutation, gene sequence and structure analysis. Therefore, PNA can be used as a probe for biosensors.

Application Scenarios

Creative Peptides focuses on the continuous in-depth research of PNA and the development of synthesis technology. The superiority of PNA is becoming more and more obvious in biosensors, and their use fields are numerous and diverse.

PNA-Based Biosensors SolutionsFood safety
PNA-Based Biosensors SolutionsEnvironmental monitoring
PNA-Based Biosensors SolutionsMedical testing
PNA-Based Biosensors SolutionsLife science research
  • The food industry can use PNA-based biosensors to evaluate product safety by detecting food microbial contaminants and other ingredients.
  • PNA-based biosensors also detect environmental samples by monitor the microbial contaminants.
  • The biosensor system can be integrated into a handheld device, clinicians use it to diagnose diseases.
  • With the help of PNA-based biosensors, rapid and direct analysis is conducive to life science research, real-time reporting of changes in biomolecules of interest.

Service Items

Creative Peptides has many years of industry experience and is an expert in providing PNA biosensor technology, enabling our customers to build first-class PNA-based biosensor solutions. We will create unique and differentiated PNA-based sensor solutions, including but it is not limited to the following items.

  • PNA-Based Electrochemical Biosensors

    We optimize structure and solubility of PNA and other physical and chemical properties, then fix the PNA probe to the sensor and set up the signal mechanism for the development of electrochemical biosensors.

  • PNA-Based Optical

    We have conducted a number of studies on the application of PNA-based optical biosensors, and provides development solutions for PNA-based optical biosensors for detecting various analytes.

  • PNA Microarrays

    We provide a wide range of customization options of PNA array for individual researchers or companies who need specialized content, providing innovative products, tools and resources, and a fast service cycle.


  • Rich experience --- Bringing our accumulated years of knowledge, know-how and data into our future solutions.
  • Reliable partner --- A proven PNA technology solutions provider, has served many customers and completed many projects.
  • Top-notch performance --- Follow up with scalable manufacturing to provide reliable, easy-to-use, and highly cost-effective finished products with maximum benefit.

Creative Peptides is a global PNA innovation company dedicated to developing PNA manufacturing technology for biosensors. Contact us for more details.

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.