PNA Drug Development

PNA Drug Development

Drug development requires a higher level of professional technical support from life science service providers. In Creative Peptides, our scientific staff can help you achieve greater success by providing PNA drug development and research services.

Potential Applications of PNA in Drug Development

Using PNA as an antisense and antigene drug can regulate transcription, reverse transcription, translation and other processes. It has good biological stability, in addition to resisting nuclease degradation, it also has a high degree of stability to proteases, and there is no obvious degradation in human serum and cell extracts. Modified and combined with the media PNA can significantly increase its uptake by cells. Therefore, PNA has the potential to be developed into antisense and antigene drugs.

PNA Technology in Drug Development

PNA technology in drug development
  • The antisense effect of PNA is the combination of PNA and mRNA to form a triple helix structure, which prevents the ribosome from binding to the mRNA or forms a steric hindrance to hinder the movement of the ribosome on the chain.
  • The antigene effect of PNA is to form a PNA-DNA dimer with each gene, which affects gene transcription and regulates gene expression.
  • PNA can inhibit the reverse transcription of mRNA into cDNA. Choosing an appropriate concentration of PNA can specifically inhibit the reverse transcription activity.

Our Solutions

At present, due to the global spread of viruses, the increase in drug resistance of bacteria, and the urgent need for cancer treatment, the demand for new drugs is becoming increasingly urgent. Therefore, we hope to promote drug development with you by providing PNA development services.

  • Antibacterial PNA Development

    PNA may be effective antibacterial drug, which inhibits or eliminates gene expression by combining with mRNA or rRNA sequences of easily accessible and important functional regions of bacterium.

  • Antiviral PNA

    We can design antisense PNA sequences for single or multiple targets in the viral genome to specifically bind to the target sequence to inhibit viral transcription, reverse transcription, and translation.

  • PNA Gene Therapy
    for Cancer

    The occurrence of tumors is closely related to genes. PNA can selectively inhibit the expression of oncogenes to achieve the purpose of treatment, which makes PNA have broad prospects in cancer treatment.

Our Highlights

  • The choice that suits your unique requirements. Choose from existing targets based on the research object, or outsource your screening, analysis or custom projects to our custom team of bioscientists.
  • Personalized support. From the beginning to the end of the project, you can rely on our drug development service project management team to provide you with a reliable, consistent and relaxing experience.
  • Provide a wide range of services. From reagents for basic research and detection methods, to verification of biochemical and cell-based tests, as well as advanced analysis and screening services.

Creative Peptides can solve key problems in PNA drug production, such as target search, PNA construction, and PNA delivery, provide the shortest path from feasibility study to drug development. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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