Antibacterial PNA Development

Antibacterial PNA Development

Antibacterial PNA Development

Due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the slow progress in the search for new antibacterial drugs, bacterial infections are difficult to treat. Therefore, it is very important to find effective antibacterial drugs. PNA is an attractive option, which inhibits or eliminates gene expression by combining with mRNA or rRNA sequences of easily accessible and important functional regions.

Antisense Oligonucleotide

• Why not choose DNA/RNA

Antisense antibacterial agents are short oligomers of nucleic acid homologues, which have antisense sequences at the translation initiation site of essential bacterial genes. DNA and RNA are unstable under ultraviolet light and are easily degraded by enzymes, which makes them unsuitable as antisense antibacterial materials.

• Why choose PNA

PNA is a DNA mimic, with a peptide backbone instead of deoxyribose. It combines with complementary DNA or RNA to form a double-stranded shape. The short antisense oligonucleotide PNA can be combined in the upstream region of the initiation codon and essential genes. Antisense PNA exhibits growth inhibitory effects on bacteria by inhibiting the expression of essential genes. PNA has shown antibacterial effects on certain animal pathogenic bacteria and is a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Our Services

We provide antibacterial PNA development service that may be used as antibacterial agents, and show the minimal inhibitory concentration required to inhibit bacterial growth. According to customer needs, we can provide PNA antibacterial solutions for 3 different targets.

Essential Gene mRNA TargetRibosome TargetOther mRNA TargetsAntibacterial PNA targeting the mRNA ofessential genes is the most effective.Many antibiotics exert antibacterial effectsby binding to bacterial ribosomes andinterfering with protein synthesis.It is important to find PNA sensitive othertargets that are present in bacteria.


  • An important advantage of PNA is its selectivity and high-affinity combination, so it is possible to design antibacterial agents that target specific genes in selected bacteria.
  • PNA can form a strong complex with the complementary strands of DNA or RNA, and inhibit the expression of microbial genes in a dose-dependent manner at low micromole concentrations.
  • PNA linked to cell penetrating peptides can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms in vitro and in vivo.

Service Highlights

  • Many solutions

    We provide services from target search, PNA design, and antibacterial effect testing. Solutions for different targets, and advanced technology and professional teams make us to complete customer projects, greatly increasing the success rate.

  • Rich experience

    Creative Peptides had established a dedicated PNA development team to professionally carry out antibacterial PNA work for our customers, which can basically meet customer needs with rich experience of PNA service and successful project.

  • Quality analysis

    After the antibacterial PNA is completed, a quality analysis report including MS, HLPC and other documents will be issued. These analyses closely follow the quality assurance procedures to ensure the highest quality PNA products.

Creative Peptides has a comprehensive analysis method that can support product quality control during the PNA development process, and provide you with a high level of supervision experience and professional technology. If you have any related needs, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.