Antiviral PNA Development

Antiviral PNA Development

Application Potential of PNA in Antivirus

Application Potential of PNA in Antivirus

PNA can recognize targets in cells and affect cell functions in a sequence-specific manner. The proliferation of different viruses in host cells has its own unique life cycle. We can design antisense PNA sequences for single or multiple targets of the viral genome to specifically bind to the target sequence to inhibit viral transcription, reverse transcription, and translation. , RNA polymerase, RNA replication and other processes, showing a certain degree of antiviral activity.

For the genome research of multidrug-resistant or mutant viruses, designing a PNA sequence of an appropriate length for a specific target sequence and constructing a new drug delivery system to effectively deliver it to host cells to maximize antiviral effects will be a very promising strategy.

Service Area

Viruses are small particles, most of which contain DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein shell. The virus infects the host by introducing its genetic material into the cell to produce more virus particles, thereby causing the host to suffer from viral diseases. Creative Peptides provides antiviral PNA development services for various types of viruses to support drug development, including but not limited to:

Hepatitis VirusInfluenza VirusHuman Immunodeficiency VirusOther VirusesThere are six types of hepatitis viruses, includingtwo types of nucleic acids: DNA and RNA.The influenza virus genome contains a conservedlong and narrow double-stranded RNA structure.The front nucleotide of HIV genomic RNAcontains several domains necessary for virus.We also provide PNA services for other viruses,including but not limited to JEV, SARS-CoV.

Service Highlights

  • Chemical composition method

    Creative Peptides adopts different target strategies for the discovery of antiviral PNAs, with rich experience related to the most advanced facilities, plus decades of rich experience in PNA development, cell manipulation, as well as perfect upstream and downstream platform can provide customers with one-stop antiviral PNA development services for drug development, and escort your journey of antiviral drug discovery.

  • Modification of existing PNA drugs

    We can apply a variety of delivery strategies to improve the cell bioavailability of PNA, including chemical modification, binding or conjugation with carrier materials, and cell membrane destruction. Among them, a more effective uptake strategy is to use cell penetrating peptides, including penetrating proteins, transport proteins, and various derived peptides as carriers, to introduce antiviral PNA into cells.


  • Our leadership team has many years of management experience in the field of antiviral PNA drug development.
  • All members have master or doctor degrees, possess a strong knowledge reserve and rigorous academic style, and can deeply understand the characteristics of customer projects.
  • We provide customers with regular emails and teleconference reports, and respond to customer needs within 1 working day to ensure that problems are resolved in a timely manner.

Creative Peptides is committed to providing end-to-end, one-stop professional services from antivirus PNA development and production to customers all over the world. Please feel free to visit and contact us to discuss how to advance our journey of joint development of antiviral PNA drugs.

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