Supramolecular Multifunctional Systems Strategy for PNA Delivery

Supramolecular Multifunctional Systems Strategy for PNA Delivery

Some supramolecular multifunctional systems can be used for cell delivery of PNA. In most cases, it is necessary to specifically synthesize specific self-assembled nanopolymers. Creative Peptides is an expert in assembling and synthesizing supramolecular nanopolymers for PNA delivery.

About Self-assembled Supramolecular Multifunctional Systems

Supramolecular Multifunctional Systems Strategy for PNA Delivery

Supramolecular self-assembly is a process in which molecules and molecules are spontaneously connected to form structurally stable molecular aggregates under certain conditions, relying on non-covalent bond intermolecular forces. Through molecular self-assembly, self-assembled materials with novel functions and characteristics can be obtained. For example, amphiphilic peptides, cell penetrating peptide conjugates and peptide liposomes can be used to realize self-assembled nanostructures, constituting supramolecular systems for efficient delivery of PNA.

Our Solutions

Our solutions using supramolecular systems include: peptide, protein and PNA nanoparticle solutions, cationic calixarene solutions, DNA nanostructures and nuclear peptide solutions.

  • Peptide, Protein, and PNA Nanoparticles

    Amphiphilic peptides, cell penetrating peptide conjugates and peptide liposome complexes are used to realize self-assembled nanostructures, similar to self-assembled systems based on lipids and phospholipids, Peptide and protein constructs can be used to transfect PNA.

  • Cationic

    Calixarene is a macrocyclic compound formed by substituted phenols bridged at positions 2, 6, and is an aromatic molecule composed of multiple benzene rings. PNA can interact with calixarene, which carries PNA through calixarene and simply penetrates cells to achieve the effect of delivery.

  • DNA Nanostructures and Nucleopeptides

    The predictable and programmable self-assembly of DNA oligonucleotides is used to create nano-scale non-canonical structures with reasonable shapes and sizes, and DNA aggregates are designed to gather more and more CPP-modified PNAs to obtain effective scaffold to transport PNA derivatives.

Service Process

Creative Peptides provides customized services for high-quality self-assembled supramolecular multifunctional systems, including development of route finding, analytical methods, and synthetic manufacturing.

Service process - Creative Peptides
  • We use intermolecular recognition and combination of features to dig out functions with high efficiency and high selectivity, and plan synthetic routes to obtain supramolecular multifunctional systems with expected/required functions.
  • We provide services for the analysis of the physical and chemical characterization and efficacy testing of supramolecular polymers, including the confirmation and verification of analytical methods, sample analysis and routine testing. Our services are tailored for each product and each customer.
  • Our manufacturing services include: manufacturing of self-assembled supramolecular systems, sample inspection and testing, and customized reagent products for PNA cell delivery research.


Supramolecular Multifunctional Systems Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • By designing a new supramolecular multifunctional delivery system with the comprehensive ability to target specific cells, Creative Peptides provides a unique PNA delivery solution.
  • Our delivery system has the following characteristics/advantages: efficient targeting functions are achieved through active and passive systems, uniform nanoparticles with strong process reproducibility and stability, high packaging efficiency, and biodegradable.
  • Our past research has produced a PNA delivery system platform, which can be used as a research basis to expand proprietary manufacturing processes.

Creative Peptides works closely with you to fully understand the specific characteristics and requirements of your PNA and your needs. Then, we help you choose and plan the best delivery system, using our product features and design to ensure that our solution suits your needs.

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