PNA Design

PNA Design

About PNA

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA), a type of novel DNA analogue designed by scientists with a central amide bond as the backbone, has many advantages that DNA molecules do not. PNA has the following advantages: (1) Good biological stability against nucleases and peptidases; (2) High affinity and specificity with complementary DNA and RNA; (3) Low nonspecific interaction with substances such as proteins in plasma; (4) Convenient synthesis. At present, PNA has been widely used in gene therapy drug development, gene diagnosis, biosensors and as molecular tools in molecular biology and biotechnology.

Method of PNA Design

Creative Peptides provides a full range of PNA products and related services, which include that we will provide PNA design services according to customers’ needs, and also follow the following principles:

  • Length. It is not necessary to design a very long sequence because of the high affinity of PNA, generally no more than 18 bases, but does not include linkers, amino acids and markers. For PNA, the shorter the sequence, the higher the specificity, and sometimes a shorter sequence will achieve the desired effect.
  • Direction.PNA oligomers can form double strands in either direction, but the anti-parallel direction is preferred.
  • Purine Content.Purine-rich PNA sequences are prone to polymerization reaction leading to low water solubility. Try to keep the purine content below 60% and avoid more than 6 adjacent purines and more than 4 consecutive G purines.
  • Solubility Enhancers.In order to improve the solubility of PNA, some solubilizing enhancers such as O linker, E linker, X linker or two lysines can be added to the sequence.

Application of PNA

Application of PNA

PNA has good biological stability, high affinity and specificity to target sequences, and effective regulation of gene expression, which has become a new tool in molecular biology research. Based on your needs, we can design PNA for many studies, including but not limited to the following applications:

  • Used as a probe in hybridization
  • PCR clamping
  • Capture nucleic acids and isolate genes
  • As antisense/antigene drugs
  • Suppress viral or bacterial infections

Our Advantages

Creative Peptides can help you design your PNA sequence and provide technical advice. We have extensive knowledge of PNA research. From PNA sequence design to PNA synthesis, development and utilization, we provide a range of professional laboratory services. With our superior production technology and experience in designing PNA sequences, we are able to provide PNAs to meet our customers' needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details and specify the specific requirements for the inquiry.


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