Lipid and Liposome-based Strategy for PNA Delivery

Lipid and Liposome-based Strategy for PNA Delivery

Creative Peptides has extensive experience in solving PNA cell delivery. We integrate the knowledge of liposome scholars into our technology to provide PNA cell delivery services to customers around the world.

About Liposomes

Lipid and Liposome-based Strategy for PNA Delivery

After the discovery of liposomes, researchers discovered that it has the potential to be used as a drug delivery system. Liposomes are composed of one or several lipid bilayers with a size between 20 nm and 1000 nm. Hydrophilic drugs can be enclosed in the aqueous inner region of liposomes, while hydrophobic drugs can be encapsulated in the hydrocarbon chain region of the lipid bilayer. Liposomes and lipid nanoparticles are widely used to deliver insoluble drugs, but many liposome systems for transporting nucleic acids into cells have also been developed.

Lipid Types for Delivering PNA

  • Cationic

    Lipid-mediated cell transport is carried out by conjugating PNA derivatives with non-polar moieties or lysine-based modified monomers. The structure of the PNA and the target cell type determine the effect of cell uptake.

  • Solid lipid

    Traditional liposomes contain liquid crystal lipid bilayers, and solid lipid nanoparticles contain solid lipids, which show better physical stability and solve a major problem based on liposome preparations.

  • Nanostructured
    lipid carrier

    The nanostructured lipid carrier contains a mixture of solid and liquid crystal lipids, has higher loading capacity and higher bioavailability, and is easy to produce on a large scale without the use of organic solvents.

As a drug delivery system, liposomes can encapsulate drugs and improve their water solubility. It is also the earliest successful nano-drug delivery platform. We provide several PNA delivery methods based on liposomes, as shown below.

Our Services

  • Design liposome formulations. The role of each component of liposomes should meet the requirements for effective delivery of PNA. Creative Peptides designs the ratio and quantity of each component of the liposome and the combination method for you, so that each function can take effect at the right time and place.
  • Encapsulate Liposomes. We can connect the lipid carrier and PNA by different means, and modify the complex, such as attaching a ligand to the surface, so as to increase the uptake of PNA by target cells.
  • Analyze and characterize liposome-PNA complexes. In the Creative Peptides ' laboratory, we provide a full set of liposome customization services, and we also provide various liposome analysis services to characterize the delivery efficiency of liposome-based PNA.

Solution Features

  • Lipid and Liposome-based Strategy for PNA Delivery

    We customize liposome solutions for customers, and design and produce PNA delivery vehicles that fully meet your requirements. Our groundbreaking research, objective workflow and state-of-the-art equipment all mean that we can develop unique lipid delivery PNA solutions.

  • Lipid and Liposome-based Strategy for PNA Delivery

    The features of our solution include: providing a variety of new liposome formulations; it can improve the effect of PNA, increase the stability of PNA and the flexibility of active positioning; and the final delivery of the complex is non-toxic and biocompatible.

Our solution ensures that the liposome carrier can deliver PNA to the greatest extent possible. For more details about our services, please contact us directly.

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