PNA Development for Diagnosis and Detection

PNA Development for Diagnosis and Detection

PNA is a synthetic DNA mimic, it has been widely used in gene mutation analysis, chromosome analysis, and pathology, virology, bacteria, and fungi research and diagnosis due to its unique properties. Creative Peptides provides PNA development services in the fields of histochemistry, cytogenetics, and microbiology with excellent PNA technology.

PNA Applications as Diagnostic and Detection Tool

PNA combined with the use of other detection technologies has been widely used in various diagnosis and detection fields. For example, PNA-ISH is used in histochemical diagnosis to provide important information for disease diagnosis; PNA-FISH is used in cytogenetic diagnostic tests; PNA -PCR is used in environmental, food, and clinical microbiological testing.

  • PNA Development for Diagnosis and Detection

    Microbial detection

  • PNA Development for Diagnosis and Detection

    Genetic diagnosis

  • PNA Development for Diagnosis and Detection

    Pathological diagnosis

PNA Development Solutions

Creative Peptides utilizes the highly sensitive and specific hybridization characteristics of PNA, combined with in situ hybridization technology, to provide PNA development solutions in the diagnosis of gene-related diseases, the detection of pathogens and microorganisms in samples. The development areas are roughly divided into the following three categories.

  • PNA Development for Histochemical Diagnosis

    We can use PNA-ISH technology to study the location of various genes on chromosomes and the expression of mRNA encoding a certain protein in the cytoplasm.

  • PNA Development for Cytogenetic Analysis

    We develop PNA for diagnostic applications in cytogenetics for customers, including but not limited to the following aspects: in-vitro assays, chromosomal analysis, in-vivo imaging.

  • PNA Development for Microbiological Analysis

    We apply high sensitivity and specificity of PNA probes to microbial detection in environmental, food samples, which can directly obtain accurate results and simplify detection methods.

Our Services

  • Creative Peptides provides complete diagnosis and analysis services for histochemistry, cytogenetics, and microbiology, and develops solutions that combine highly sensitive PNA with other detection systems.
  • We provide diagnostic and analysis solutions at the cell and tissue level, which can handle challenging samples such as serum, plasma, saliva, and urine, and provide a complete service according to your needs, until sample testing and technology transfer to your laboratory.
  • Our team has accumulated rich experience in PNA chemistry, and will design, synthesize and supply PNA in accordance with strict quality control protocols to meet the needs of customers for efficient and rapid diagnosis.

Project Cycle

We provide complete procedures, first determine the customer's business needs, problems or opportunities, establish a dedicated project team, submit the project plan, determine whether the project is feasible, and determine the deliverables. Ensure normal work, meet needs, and solve problems.

Project cycle - Creative Peptides

Combining research and production experience, we are confident to complete high-quality work and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We are eager to understand the specific PNA requirements of our customers and promote their research and product development.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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