Photochemical Internalization Treatment for PNA Delivery

Photochemical Internalization Treatment for PNA Delivery

Photochemical Internalization (PCI) has unique advantages and can significantly affect PNA drug development. Creative Peptides is working hard to develop PCI methods to release PNA into cells, and is actively looking for PCI technology that provides sufficient PNA release in target cells to make full use of its therapeutic and commercial potential.

A Technology for PNA Delivery - Photochemical Internalization

Photochemical Internalization Treatment for PNA DeliveryPhotochemical Internalization Treatment for PNA Delivery
  • The cells are pretreated with a photosensitizer, and the cells are incubated in medium containing the photosensitizer before transfection.
  • Replace the growth medium with the PNA solution by removing the cells and seeding them into the multiwell plate, then adding the PNA solution, and optimizing the concentration of the added PNA based on experience.
  • Use a light source of the appropriate wavelength to irradiate the cells to excite a specific photosensitizer.
  • Incubate the cells further to allow the PNA to fully enter the cells.

Our Services

Creative Peptides provides photosensitive technology development services and develops PNA drug delivery based on PCI technology. PCI technology consists of light-sensitive compounds, which are incorporated into endocytic vesicles during the uptake of PNA molecules through endocytosis. After being irradiated with light, the photosensitizer is activated, which causes the release of PNA into the cytoplasm, which can achieve the goal of PNA. The specific application of the technology is in the following two aspects:

  • Combining and recombining targeted PNA

    Exposing the cells to a specific photosensitizer and then to light results in the transfer of PNA from the endocytic compartment to the cytoplasm, that is, the PNA combined with recombinant targeting works synergistically to improve cell selectivity, cytoplasmic delivery and PNA activity.

  • Site-specific PNA delivery

    PCI has been proven to enhance the therapeutic effect of targeted therapy macromolecules. Therefore, PCI can induce effective light-directed delivery of PNA into the cytoplasm and has many useful applications in site-specific PNA drug delivery, such as in gene therapy and cancer therapy.


  • With its unique technology, Creative Peptides can solve the main obstacle of PNA drug delivery that the release of endocytosed PNA into the cytoplasm.
  • We can more effectively deliver PNA drugs to their intracellular targets to improve the effectiveness of PNA therapeutics.
  • Through the development of innovative photochemical internalization technology platform and new PNA treatment solutions to improve the therapeutic effect of current PNA drugs.

Creative Peptides aims to develop new PNA cell delivery systems faster to accelerate the development and application of PNA drugs. You can contact us for more information about PNA development.

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