Telomere PNA Probes

Telomere PNA Probes

Telomere PNA Probes

Telomeres are involved in the process of cancer evolution and cell aging, the study of telomere behavior has become a hot topic at present. FISH technology has been successfully used for in situ detection of telomere repeats in the chromosomes of various species, but synthetic oligonucleotide probes can only qualitatively analyze the repetitive telomere sequences, so in order to quantitatively detect telomere length, PNA probes followed.

Creative Peptides provides custom services related to PNA probes, including conventional PNA probes, special probes, and various fluorescent modifications.

About Telomere PNA Probes

About Telomere PNA Probes

Telomere PNA probe is a probe used to determine the length of the telomere. The ends of vertebrate chromosomes are composed of repeats of TTAGGG called telomeres. These telomeres provide protective end caps for DNA and help maintain the integrity of underlying genes. During normal cell division, these telomeres are shortened, and this process is thought to be related to the regulation of cell replication and aging. Due to the action of telomerase, which repairs telomeres, some cells, such as germ cells, fetal cells, and stem cells, retain the ability to divide. It is believed that cancer cells use the same mechanism to achieve immortality. Therefore, the determination of telomere length is of great significance in the research of cancer and age-related diseases.

Telomere PNA FISH probes provide a simple method for detecting human telomere sequence by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) using fluorophore-labeled PNA probes. This method provides excellent quantification because the fluorescence intensity is directly related to the length of the telomere. The following are two common probes currently on the market.

  • TelC is a C-rich telomere probe of the leading strand (a repeat of TAACCC).
  • TelG is a G-rich telomere probe of the lagging chain (a repeat of TTAGGG).

Our Services

  • We provide telomere PNA probe products. If you need other target-specific probes, we can provide customized PNA probe synthesis services.
  • We provide 5 nmole telomere probe FISH probes, 5 nmole is enough for 100 tests, and the HPLC purity of all probes is greater than 95%.
  • Other types of fluorophores and probes for other targets can also be provided to us as custom PNA.


  • High specificity andsensitivity

    Due to the special chemical structure of PNA and no charge, the specificity and sensitivity of PNA probe binding to target DNA are very high. Therefore, PNA is very effective as FISH probes, even at very low concentrations.

  • Short duration

    The high specificity of the electrically neutral backbone for PNA allows rapid hybridization with only a small amount of PNA probes without generating obvious background signals, thereby achieving high signal-to-noise ratio and washing under mild conditions.

  • Excellent quantification

    The PNA probe can produce excellent staining of telomeres. The PNA-FISH method can distinguish the fluorescence at the ends of individual sister chromatids and accurately estimate the individual and overall telomere lengths in various chromosomes.

Creative Peptides has many years of PNA probe synthesis experience, especially in the research and development of special probes, has a wealth of experience, there are many successful cases. If you need to custom a specific telomere PNA probe, please contact us.


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