Cellular Delivery Solutions for Unmodified PNA

Cellular Delivery Solutions for Unmodified PNA

PNA is a relatively hydrophilic molecule that does not easily pass through cell membranes. Its biological application is limited by its inherent poor cell absorption. Creative Peptides provides several delivery strategies to enhance cellular uptake of PNA, including microinjection, electroporation, co-transfection with DNA, and cell permeabilization, to explore effective and convenient PNA delivery methods for customers.

Our Solutions

PNAs offer important prospects in diseases treatment, unfortunately their delivery as therapeutic agents has always been a challenge. Creative Peptides provides a series of innovative solutions for PNA delivery to promote cell entry. Our solutions include:

Under the action of external electric field, the cellmembrane form micropores, so that PNA can enter cell.Microinjection is the process of transporting PNA intoliving cells in culture through a micropipette.The PNA-DNA cationic liposome transfection methodcan effectively increase the uptake of PNA by cells.Cell permeabilization allows PNA to enter and exit cell freelywithout destroying the internal structure of cell.ElectroporationMicroinjectionCo-transfection with DNACell Permeabilization

Our Capabilities

  • Cellular Delivery Solutions for Unmodified PNA

    Process development and support

  • Our team will select the best delivery strategy according to the customer's PNA type and application field to improve the cellular uptake of PNA.
  • Further optimize strategy, including detailed to each condition, specific to each operation step.
  • Conduct in vitro and in vivo feasibility studies, pre-clinical support research, and conduct clinical research through technology transfer.


We have compiled some cases that have been successfully applied for reference.

Delivery strategy


Specific performance



PNA-treated cells can significantly inhibit the replication of HIV-1. Under electroporation conditions, exposure of the cells to PNA significantly enhances the inhibitory effect of HIV replication.


T antigen

The microinjected PNA oligomer showed a strong antisense effect in intact cells, blocking protein expression at the transcription and translation levels.

Co-transfection with DNA

COS-7 cells

Introducing PNAS as a PNA-DNA-lipid complex into living cells is a simple, high-throughput method for cell delivery.


  • We have rich experience, leading instruments and professional research team. Our research team has extensive experience in PNA research, and has cooperated with our customers to complete multiple projects.
  • Our configurable solution is highly flexible and can meet your PNA delivery needs. Creative Peptides provides specialized design, execution and delivery of clinical studies for PNA delivery systems, and has enough research to evaluate the feasibility and risks of the designed delivery system.

Creative Peptides is committed to providing customers with tailor-made services to help customers overcome difficulties in trials and accelerate the development of PNA treatments. If you want to get more information about our services, please feel free to visit and contact us to discuss how to advance our journey together.

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