Anti-influenza Virus PNA Development

Anti-influenza Virus PNA Development

Early studies have shown that PNA is effective in inhibiting influenza A virus H1N1 in vitro. PNA may be a potential anti-influenza drug against influenza virus drug targets. Based on the advanced platform, Creative Peptides is happy to launch anti-influenza virus PNA drug development services to all global customers.

Types of Influenza Virus

Types of Influenza Virus

Influenza viruses include human influenza viruses and animal influenza viruses. Human influenza viruses are divided into three types: A, B, and C, which are the pathogens of influenza.

  • Influenza A virus is prone to mutation, causing many pandemics worldwide.
  • Influenza B virus is also relatively pathogenic to humans, but has not caused a worldwide pandemic.
  • Influenza C virus only causes unobvious or mild upper respiratory tract infections in humans and rarely causes epidemics.

The influenza virus genome contains a conserved long and narrow double-stranded RNA structure, which is essential for viral RNA replication, transcription and packaging. Therefore, we can use this as a target to study the inhibitory effect of PNA on influenza virus replication.

Development of Anti-influenza Virus PNA

PNA has unique structural characteristics, specific sequence selectivity and special biological stability, which can inhibit the transcription or replication of target genes, and become an ideal antisense reagent. It has also received some research in anti-influenza virus.

Table1. Development of anti-influenza virus PNA (Sun H.; et al.2020)






Multiple influenza subtypes




The tight combination of PNA and the narrow double-stranded region of influenza virus can produce steric hindrance and interfere with RNA conformational changes required for viral RNA replication and transcription initiation.




NP gene

Inhibit the replication and assembly of virus particles.

Service Points

The emergence of antiviral PNA is the product of our new knowledge of biological genetics and molecular functions, enabling us to better understand the structure and function of viruses, and to make significant progress in the technology of finding new drugs. The main points of Creative Peptides ’ development of antiviral PNA drugs mainly include the following points:

  • How to design a PNA construct.
  • Use PNA to interfere with viral nucleic acid synthesis or regulation.
  • How PNA can enter virus-infected cells.
  • Prevent gene duplication of influenza virus.
  • Prevent the production of influenza virus protein.


  • Anti-influenza Virus PNA Development

    Creative Peptides has an advanced technology platform and professional scientific research personnel, and established a professional PNA development platform, which is the best choice for the development of anti-influenza virus PNA drugs. We are committed to providing first-class influenza virus drug target discovery services and PNA construction services to meet your development goals in a time-saving way.

  • Anti-influenza Virus PNA Development

    Creative Peptides ’ integrated platform provides you with stable PNA construction, treatment method development, sample production process development and other integrated high-quality services, developed and verified methods and techniques for the identification and evaluation of antiviral activity of antisense PNA sequences, which help you in many aspects of your anti-influenza PNA development journey.

We provide custom PNA development services according to customer needs, please contact us for more information and detailed quotations.


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