Microinjection Strategy for PNA Delivery

Microinjection Strategy for PNA Delivery

Creative Peptides provides quantitative automated control microinjection technology to achieve PNA cell delivery, and the microinjection platform based on automatic micropipettes can accurately deliver materials into cells.

About Microinjection

Microinjection, the process of transporting biological insert materials into cultured living cells through a micropipette, has been used in many biomedical applications, such as direct injection of nucleic acids into the cytoplasm or nucleus. Microinjection has unique advantages in the process of single-cell transfection:

Microinjection Strategy for PNA Delivery
  • Cost savings through the amount of injected materials
  • Suitable for different cell types and injected materials
  • Non-viral properties

Cell Injection Control Strategy

  • Cell position control

    In order to realize the automation of cell injection, we can design an automated system to control the cell position. Ensure that the micropipette and cell scaffold stay in the right position accurately and remain unchanged during the entire injection process.

  • Image processing

    The purpose of image processing is to effectively identify the location of the target cell during the cell injection process. The acquired image is used to locate the target cell in the injection movement. Holders design to help simplify the identification process.

  • Injection process

    Find the location of the target cell, align the micropipette with the cell, and perform cell injection. This process is repeated until all cells are injected. During the injection process, the micro-injector provides a negative pressure to keep place.

Solution Process

Microinjection is a useful technique, and different microinjection systems can be designed according to different types of experiments. At Creative Peptides , we provide solutions for PNA microinjection for customers in need. Our general process is as follows.

General procedure of microinjection- Creative Peptides
  • The setting of various parameters of the automatic microinjection system, including the size of the injection channel, the size of the target cell, the pressure of the syringe, etc.
  • Cultivating target cells under suitable conditions.
  • Calibrate injection volume, injection pressure and injection time.
  • The injection is performed by an automatic microinjection system.
  • The cell sample is imaged on the equipped microscope, and the fluorescence image is acquired and analyzed.


  • The amount of PNA delivered to each cell is not limited and the delivery is accurate, both of which increase the efficacy of PNA.
  • We provide microinjection strategy for PNA delivery, as a direct physical method strategy, to solve a wide range of objects.
  • The microinjection system provided by us realizes automatic operation to achieve automatic injection with high transfection efficiency and overcome the problems of manual operation.

With our rich experience and advanced technology, Creative Peptides is confident to provide you with first-class services to meet your exact research needs. Contact us or send us an inquiry for more detailed information or an official quotation.


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