Antibacterial PNA Targeting Ribosomes Development

Antibacterial PNA Targeting Ribosomes Development

Creative Peptides has many years of development experience, a team of experts with rich industrial experience, advanced scientific research equipment and proprietary methods. We can provide a one-stop service for your antibacterial PNA development and preparation for different targets including ribosomes, and accelerate your drug development process.

Ribosome as Target of PNA

Many antibiotics exert antibacterial effects by binding to bacterial ribosomes and interfering with protein synthesis. The three-dimensional structure of bacterial ribosomes indicates that rRNA may be a target of PNA oligomers. PNA targeting the accessible and functionally important regions of ribosomal RNA may weaken the function of ribosomes. Therefore, once PNA is ingested by bacteria, it can produce antibacterial effects. Looking for targets in the ribosomal RNA ring region, two targets were identified.

  • Target on 23S rRNA
  • Target on 16S rRNA

Antibacterial PNA Targeting Ribosomes Development

Here are some antibacterial PNA sequences with ribosomes as the target. They can show a good effect on inhibiting the growth of bacteria and can be used as a reference case for customers to develop antibacterial PNA with ribosomes as the target.

Table.1 Development of PNA targeting ribosomes of bacteria (Wojciechowska M.; et al.2020)




MIC (μM)


Peptidyl transferase center 23S rRNA

Escherichia coliK-12


a-sarcin loop

Binds elongation factor G (EF-G) 23S rRNA

Escherichia coliK-12


Helix 69

Forms connection between ribosomal subunits

Escherichia coliK-12



mRNA binding site 16S rRNA

Corynebacterium efficiens
Bacillus subtilis
Escherichia coliK-12


830−839 16S RNA

Part of IF3 binding site 16S rRNA

Escherichia coliK-12
Salmonella enterica serovarTyphimurium LT2



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Our Solutions

Regarding the technology and direction of the development of antibacterial PNA drugs targeting ribosomes, we mainly provide the following two ideas.

  • Chemical composition method

    Chemical composition method

    The chemical composition method is used to develop PNA drugs, and many PNA products have been successfully developed through solid phase composition and fragment linkage.

  • Modification of existing PNA drugs

    Modification of existing PNA drugs

    Modification of the structure of existing PNA drugs to overcome the shortcomings of the original products, reduce side effects is also a way to develop new PNA drugs.


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  • Wojciechowska M.; et al.Antibacterial peptide nucleic acids—facts and perspectives. Molecules. 2020, 25(3):559.

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