PNA Development for Cytogenetic Analysis

PNA Development for Cytogenetic Analysis

PNA has been introduced into the research of cytogenetics as an interesting new type of probe. Creative Peptides is committed to the new application of PNA in the fields of genetics and cytogenetics, and promotes the development of efficient and simple technologies in genetic mapping, anti-gene therapy, mutation detection and aneuploidy screening.

Our Technical Principles

PNA Development for Cytogenetic Analysis

Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomes and their structure. We develop PNA for cytogenetic testing mainly based on the following three principles:

  • Karyotype analysis
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization
  • Comparative genomic hybridization

Our Services

Compared with nucleic acids, PNA has excellent chemical, physical and biological properties, and has a wide range of applications in cytogenetic diagnostic procedures. We develop PNA for diagnostic applications in cytogenetics for customers, including but not limited to the following aspects.

PNA for diagnostic applications in cytogenetics - Creative Peptides

PNA Applications for Cytogenetic Analysis

Creative Peptides develops the application of PNA in diagnostic testing in cytogenetics, and compiles some examples of successful applications to provide customers with reference.

Development project

Project results


An enzyme-based nucleic acid colorimetric method using PNA as a probe

Superior than other colorimetric assays

PNA detection has better detection sensitivity, introduces additional robustness, and does not require labeling of samples.

An improved PNA-PCR method

Using this method to screen cancer patients for KRAS mutations has the potential to quantify KRAS mutation DNA and monitor disease progression.

Accurate and sensitive

A fully automatic synthesizer for manufacturing PNA microarrays

PNA microarrays can efficiently detect single and multiple base mismatches.

Compared with DNA microarray, it has higher performance.

A method using PNA fluorescence to detect KRAS2 mRNA hybridization in lung cancer cells

Improved fluorescence quantum yield

Better sensitivity

Our Highlights

Creative Peptides is bringing the latest molecular technology to the diagnosis and testing of cytogenetics, our innovative methods:

PNA Development for Cytogenetic Analysis
  • Simplify the process and increase the detection rate.
  • Provide excellent results to better understand genetic diseases, cancers, and other diseases associated with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Suitable for a wide range of molecular biology and cytogenetics applications, with high signal intensity and good stability.

Creative Peptides has always been a leader in providing tailor-made comprehensive PNA products. We are known for our personalized customer service and can provide you with expert technical support and other services. With an unparalleled quality system, you can rely on our quality, consistency and superior performance. Please contact us for the latest news about products and services.

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