Carbon-based Nanocarriers Strategy for PNA Delivery

Carbon-based Nanocarriers Strategy for PNA Delivery

Creative Peptides is a solution provider of various PNA delivery products, providing carbon-based nanocarriers for R&D and commercialization in various application fields.

Carbon-based Nanocarrier System

Carbon-based Nanocarriers Strategy for PNA Delivery

Carbon-based nanomaterials can be used not only as carriers, but also for targeted delivery. Carbon-based nanomaterials include carbon nanotubes, graphene, mesoporous carbon, nanodiamonds, and fullerenes. With excellent optical activity and a considerable multifunctional surface area, these materials show higher drug loading capacity, better biocompatibility and lower immunogenicity. PNA can be loaded onto carbon nanostructures through non-covalent interactions, that is, nucleobase or stacking interaction with aromatic moieties to be conjugated to these oligomers.

Delivery Strategies

Creative Peptides is interested in the field of PNA delivery using carbon-based nanocarriers, and is ready to provide some specific delivery strategies to support your PNA research.

  • PNA and nano-graphene oxide

    Nano-graphene oxide (nGO) loaded with fluorescent PNA can be effectively transported to eukaryotic cells. The nGO part acts as a carrier for cell delivery and at the same time acts as a very effective quencher.

  • PNA and carbon nitride nanosheets

    The strategy of carbon nitride nanosheets (CNNS) is similar to nGO. The nanosheets are loaded with PNA for delivery to cells, and can be modified to selectively deliver this multifunctional system to cells through receptor-mediated endocytosis.

  • PNA and Nano Diamond

    Nanodiamonds have unique optical and magnetic properties. PNA directly binds to nanodiamonds (ND), and the PNA-ND conjugate can selectively interact with DNA and be carried into the targeted cells without toxicity.

PNA Loading Methods

We can use three different methods to carry PNA: adsorption equilibrium, melting and solvent evaporation. The loading efficiency depends on the type of PNA used.

  • Physical adsorption. The carbon-based nanocarrier is immersed in the PNA solution to be delivered, and the PNA finally penetrates and distributes until equilibrium.
  • Melting technology. PNA cannot enter the pores, but is ultimately distributed throughout the carrier by this method. They are not combined or conjugated with carbon materials and exist in crystalline form.
  • Solvent evaporation. The carbon-based nanocarrier loaded with PNA can be separated from the solution by centrifugation, the solvent needs to be evaporated after adsorption.
Carbon-based Nanocarriers Strategy for PNA Delivery

Our Special Services

  • We provide well-designed carbon-based nanocarriers, such as graphene, diamond and their derivatives. Customers can choose material type, particle size, particle size distribution, etc.
  • We also provide customized services for the design and synthesis of PNA-loaded carbon-based nanomaterials with special requirements, as well as analysis and characterization before and after encapsulation.

Inquiry and Order

General procedure of solutions- Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides focuses on the development of PNA delivery systems and uses our technology to customize carbon-based nanocarriers for PNA delivery. With our high-quality products and services, your PNA delivery effect can be greatly improved. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you achieve PNA cell delivery.


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