Synthesis by Boc Chemistry

Synthesis by Boc Chemistry

Creative Peptides provides manual and automatic Boc chemical synthesis modes. These two PNA synthesis methods have their own advantages, customers can choose according to your own needs or we can provide professional advice to you.

Chemical Synthesis of PNA Oligomers with Boc

In the 1960s, Merrifield proposed the principle of solid-phase chemical synthesis. The first problem to be solved in solid-phase chemistry is the application of new protecting groups, the Boc group was quickly applied to solid-phase synthesis methods due to its mildness and selectivity. The first PNA oligomer reported in 1991 was assembled from Boc protective monomers. Later when A, C, and G were prepared, the Z-group was used to protect the exocyclic amino group.

Boc/Z protected PNA monomer (T, C, A and G) structure.Fig.1 Boc/Z protected PNA monomer (T, C, A and G) structure. (He W.; Ma L.R. 2013)

Synthesis Scheme

  • Manual Synthesis

Compared with DNA synthesis, PNA synthesis is extremely sensitive to moisture, but because it does not require complete absence of moisture, the synthesis and manipulation of PNA can be greatly simplified. Manual synthesis often provides the fastest and most economical way to achieve the coupling of oligomers. You can provide the PNA sequence from the C-terminal to the N-terminal. We will synthesize your sequence through the main processes of deprotection, coupling, capping, and dissociation, and then identify and purify it. The main operation process is shown in the figure below.

The Experimental flowchart of manual synthesis – Creative Peptides

  • Automatic Synthesis

Automation is the preferred method for the production of PNA oligomers. It is a method for PNA synthesis using continuous flow instruments and batch synthesizers. Boc/Z is used to protect the monomer, and a peptide synthesizer is used for automatic PNA synthesis. Enter your PNA sequence from N-terminal to C-terminal, save the sequence, send it to the synthesizer, you can start a new sequence synthesis run. When the synthesis is completed, the oligomers are dissociated, and identified and purified by HPLC.

Our Advantages

The two synthesis schemes provided by Creative Peptides are both effective.

Advantages of the two methods - Creative Peptides

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