Infection Test PNA Probes

Infection Test PNA Probes

PNA FISH in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Fluorescence in situ hybridization using peptide nucleic acid probes (PNA FISH) is a new diagnostic technology that combines the simplicity of traditional staining procedures with the unique performance of PNA probes, which can quickly and accurately diagnose infectious diseases. It makes PNA FISH very suitable for routine applications and enables clinical microbiology laboratories to report important information about patient treatment within a time frame that cannot be achieved using classical biochemical methods.

PNA FISH in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Using PNA FISH is a new diagnostic concept for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. It is a simple detection format and has excellent performance characteristics in diagnostic procedures. Creative Peptidesprovides custom services for infection test probes. Our proprietary technology platform can help shorten the identification time of pathogens, provide a better diagnostic experience and reduce costs.

Assay Procedure

At present, the more common tests on the market include the identification of bacteria and yeast culture, such as the identification of S. aureus, Candida albicansand Enterococcus faecalisdirectly from the smear of positive blood culture bottles.

The above is the general PNA FISH test procedure. The test can be performed directly on a glass slide and finally checked by a fluorescence microscope. In the meantime, the smear is incubated with the PNA probe, and then the unbound PNA probe is removed by washing.

Prepare blood culture smear with fixative solution


  • Cost-effectiveness. As we all know, active testing can reduce the cost of control, and it is more cost-effective to control infection through testing than some treatment measures.
  • Sensitivity & specificity. The PNA probe has high specificity, and by combining rRNA as a target, it provides accurate results and realizes molecular diagnosis in a time frame that other identification methods cannot achieve.
  • Wide applications. PNA has proven to be a powerful diagnostic tool. The universal PNA FISH protocol can design PNA probes for almost all microorganisms, and can be applied to direct detection and identification of organisms and other fields.

Our Services

  • Quick and easy

    Our PNA FISH probe detection can help shorten the pathogen identification time and quickly identify pathogens directly from the culture. The entire detection time is only 1-2 hours.

  • High-quality custom

    Combining academic and production experience, we are confident to complete high-quality work and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our service is efficient and reliable, and the cost is relatively low.

  • Rich products

    Creative Peptides can provide a variety of products related to PNA probes, such as infection detection probes, microbial identification probes etc. These products have been widely and widely used in various fields.

If you want to learn more about how to use PNA-FISH as a certain infection test, please contact us, we are happy to have a more detailed discussion to meet your specific needs.


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