Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) is a class of nucleic acid analogs, which has many unique advantages, including high hybridization stability, excellent specific sequence recognition ability, is not affected by nuclease and protease water, and can be linked with ligand and co-transfected into cells. Due to its high affinity and specificity, PNA can effectively bind to target nucleic acids, and is used as FISH probes and other products used in many high-tech fields.

In Creative Peptides , we have expertise in PNA development and synthesis, and use our rich experience and advanced technology to provide our customers with a wide range of PNA professional services. There are mainly four types of services: PNA design, PNA synthesis, PNA modification, and PNA probe customization. For specific service information, please click below to browse.

  • PNA Design

    PNA Design

    • Design PNA sequence
  • PNA Synthesis

    PNA Synthesis

    • PNA Oligomer
    • PNA/DNA Chimera
    • PNA-peptide Conjugates
    • PNA-lipophilic Ligand Conjugates
    • PNA-functional Ligand Conjugates
  • PNA Modification

    PNA Modification

    • PNA Backbone
    • PNA Nucleobase
    • Connection between Nucleobase and Backbone
  • Custom PNA Probes

    Custom PNA Probes

    • Telomere PNA Probes
    • Centromere PNA Probes
    • Gene Specific PNA Probes
    • Infection Test PNA Probes

With the accumulation of knowledge and rich experience in PNA basic research, Creative Peptides can provide customers with PNA synthesis, basic research and other value-added services, and provide high-quality services through our professional platform for PNA research. If you want to know more about our services, please contact us.

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.