PNA Clamp Kits

PNA Clamp Kits

Creative Peptides' PNA Clamp Kits are effective tools for inhibiting transcriptional repressors and promoting promoter activity.

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Structure Product Name / CAS / Cat Description / Size Price
PNA Clamp KRAS Kit (v2) CAS:PC-001
G12, G13 Size:30 tests
PNA Clamp KRAS Kit (v3) CAS:PC-002
G12, G13, Q61 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp KRAS Kit (plus) CAS:PC-003
A59, K117, A146 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp KRAS Kit (v4) CAS:PC-004
G12, G13, A59, Q61, K117, A146 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp NRAS Kit (v4) CAS:PC-005
G12, G13, A59, Q61, K117, A146 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp BRAF Kit CAS:PC-006
BRAF V600 mutation Size:50 tests
PNA Clamp EGFR Kit CAS:PC-007
G619, E19 del, T790, S768, E20 in, L858, L861 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp PIK3CA Kit CAS:PC-008
E542, E545, H1047 Size:25 tests
PNA Clamp IDH1 Kit CAS:PC-009
R132 mutation Size:25 tests


PNA is a synthetic analog of DNA that replaces the ribose or deoxyribose, phosphate backbone with a polyamide chain. Peptide nucleic acid can be widely used in molecular hybridization, in situ hybridization, mutation analysis, anticancer, antiviral antisense nucleic acid research and application for pathogen and genetic disease detection. PNA Clamp kits are a type of commercial kit that use PNA Clamp technology to detect DNA mutations.

Principle of PNA Clamp Technology

Generally, most of a sample is wild-type DNA, and mutant DNA only accounts for a very small part, so it is difficult to detect the existence of mutant DNA by ordinary PCR. PNA Clamp technology means that PNA can specifically bind to wild-type DNA, so that wild-type DNA cannot be used as a template for PCR amplification; while for mutant DNA, due to base deletion or mutation, PNA cannot bind to it, so without the interference of the wild-type DNA, the mutant DNA can be easily amplified and detection.

PNA Clamp KitsFig. 1 Principle of the PNA KRAS Mutation Detection Kits (Number K C)


  • Mutation detected within a short period of time (3 hours run time, 30 minutes hands-on time)
  • Simple operation
  • The detection requires less sample (as low as 1~25ng DNA sample)
  • High sensitivity (detection limit<1%)
  • Strong stability
  • Long shelf life (> 1 year).
  • Can be used in various types of real-time PCR instruments (eg. BI-7500, ABI-7900HT, Biorad CFX-96/384, Roche Lightcycler, Qiagen RGQ etc.)
  • The data analysis software is simple


  • PNA Clamp EGFR Mutation Detection Kit detects mutations so far prevalent in the EGFR gene, including T790M
  • PNA Clamp IDH1 Mutation Detection Kit can detect mutations at the R132 position with high sensitivity
  • PNA Clamp PI3K3CA Kits can detect E542, E545, H1047 mutations in P13K


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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.