PNA Synthesis

PNA Synthesis

Why Synthesize PNA

Comparison of the skeleton structure of DNA and PNA

Fig.1 Comparison of the skeleton structure of DNA and
PNA(Hyrup B.; Nielsen P.E.1996)

Oligonucleotides are widely used in therapeutic drugs, molecular biology research tools and diagnostic reagents. The main limitation of oligonucleotide applications is that it is easily degraded by nucleases and has poor thermal stability after hybridization, and are non-specific binding with proteins. In order to modify the physical, chemical and biological properties of oligonucleotides, many oligonucleotide analogues have been studied. Peptide nucleic acid is one of the more important oligonucleotide mimics. Although PNA has a significant change in structure relative to oligonucleotides, the binding between PNA and complementary nucleic acids still follows the principle of base complementary pairing, it even has higher affinity than natural nucleotides, and has stronger resistance to degradation by nucleases and proteolytic enzymes. Researchers have designed and synthesized PNA with various structures to optimize its biological stability and availability, target binding characteristics, and pharmacokinetic characteristics.

Our Services

We provide customers with various types of PNA conjugates and tailor-made PNA products for customer projects to achieve scientific research purposes. Our product analysis service will help our customers perform product analysis without worrying about poor product quality.

Our Highlights

Our Highlights
  • With our many years of experience in synthesizing PNA using advanced facilities, our team is committed to meeting your specific requirements for PNA products to meet the ultimate goal.
  • We provide PNA products covering almost all types, and carry out key synthesis processes in accordance with compliant regulatory guidelines.
  • We provide design, synthesis, and analysis services from start to finish, are committed to implementing your synthesis requirements to ensure compliance with the highest regulatory and scientific quality standards.

Creative Peptides is a biotechnology company with high comprehensive quality in terms of expert team, product quality, customer service, etc. We are committed to becoming a reliable and professional partner you can rely on, providing you with first-class services, accelerating project progress and maximizing the success rate of your project.

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