PNA has good hybridization stability with DNA, and is widely used in molecular hybridization, in situ hybridization, mutation analysis for detection of pathogens and genetic diseases, and research and application of anti-cancer and anti-virus antisense nucleic acid. With the continuous deepening of PNA basic research and the continuous emergence of new technologies, PNA has shown extremely superior performance and broader application prospects.

Creative Peptides is committed to providing high-quality PNA products and application solutions for laboratories or enterprises in basic research and application fields. There mainly includes development solutions for PNA drug development, cell delivery, PNA diagnostic testing applications, PNA biosensors and other fields. But it is not limited to these areas, if you have other research ideas in the direction of PNA, you can also contact us. We are committed to advancing your research.

  • PNA Drug Development

    Including antibacterial, antiviral, and cancer gene therapy drugs

  • Cellular Delivery for PNA

    Cell delivery solutions for unmodified PNA and improved PNA

  • Diagnosis and Detection

    Diagnostic PNA development in the fields of histochemistry, genetic cytology, and microbiology

  • PNA-Based Biosensors

    Including PNA-based electrochemical, optical, microarrays biosensors

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.