Modification by C Replacement

Modification by C Replacement

The replacement of the backbone C has the advantage of not changing the configuration of the PNA, and generally does not reduce the hybridization performance of the PNA.

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Replacement Strategy

  • Oxy-PNA (OPNA)
  • The structure of the OPNA

    In order to overcome the characteristics of low water solubility, a new peptide nucleic acid OPNA was synthesized by introducing ether bonds in the peptide nucleic acid backbone. In OPNA, O atoms replace C atoms, that is, ether bonds replace methylene groups. The ether bond backbone is more flexible, binds firmly to DNA or RNA, and its water solubility is correspondingly improved.The oxy-PNA (OPNA) derived from L-homoserine with ether linkages forms a less stable duplex with DNA and shows extremely high sequence specificity.

  • Phosphono-PNA (pPNA)
  • In order to synthesize new PNA analogues with achiral and negatively charged backbones, phosphono PNA (pPNA) was designed, in which the monomer is connected with a phosphonate bond. pPNAs contain either N-(2-amino-ethyl)phosphonoglycine or Ar-(2-hydroxyethyl)phosphonoglycine units. The complex formed by the chimera of PNA and pPNA monomers is more stable than the equivalent homologous pPNA.

The structures of the pPNA



● pPNA


● Able to bind PNA with sequence specificity.
● Due to the ether linkage, OPNA has improved water solubility.
● The all or nothing type hybridization with complementary DNA

● Weak affinity

● It shows promising binding properties for complementary DNA and RNA sequences.

● The introduction of a negative skeleton results in excellent water solubility.

● The stability of the complex formed by pPNA is lower than that of the corresponding PNA.

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