Modification of Purine Bases

Modification of Purine Bases

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Purine Bases

The structure of purine bases

Generally, the nucleobase is a convenient modification site, which can lead to many possible substitutions through accessible chemical methods. At present, many new PNA analogues have been synthesized, but the most commonly used is the classical PNA monomer, which provides a reasonable balance between the high affinity requirements for natural nucleic acids and the specificity of sequence recognition. Among the four bases A, T, C and G of four base of DNA, the synthesis of guanine acetic acid derivatives is more complex, and its modification is challenging, people mainly study the modification of adenine. Modifications of purine bases led to the development of 2, 6-diaminopurine applied to the design of pseudo-complementary PNA.

Modification Examples

Here are some common examples of purine base modifications.

Purine base type




Applied to the design of pseudo-complementary PNA

The structure of modification of nucleobases in PNA monomers


As a fluorescent probe for examining PNA–DNA interaction dynamics 

The structure of modification of nucleobases in PNA monomers


Form Watson–Crick base pairs with adenine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil increasing the specificity of PNA

The structure of modification of nucleobases in PNA monomers


Cause helix distortion at the 6sG:C base pair, the base stacking throughout the duplex was still retained 

The structure of modification of nucleobases in PNA monomers

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