PNA Backbone Modification

PNA Backbone Modification

Backbone Modification

PNA Backbone Modification

Since the PNA was proposed, chemical modification of its structural units has become one of the research focuses. In the modification of PNA structural unit, backbone modification is the main measure to improve the transport performance of PNA cells. The backbone modification refers to the modification of the N-(2-aminoethyl) glycine unit structure of the PNA. The backbone modification PNA has achieved certain success in increasing the water solubility and enhancing the hybridization performance. Moreover, partial backbone modified PNAs also have special advantages such as optical properties and self-assembly, which expand the application range of PNAs.

Modification Methods

Either changing the length of the backbone between the two amide bonds or changing the length of the backbone between the base and the amino group will reduce the specific binding ability of PNA to DNA or RNA. Therefore, we believe that the skeleton modification of PNA should follow the principle of not changing the basic spatial configuration, and modification methods such as skeleton substitution modification or replacement of skeleton atom composition can be adopted.

There are many ways to modify the monomer skeleton, which can be summarized as the following:

  • The introduction of N/C terminal of PNA can improve the water solubility of PNA, and the synthesis route is simple.
  • The backbone of PNA is N-(2-aminoethyl) glycine. Many researchers introduced chiral branches at the α, β, and γ positions to improve its shortcomings, making PNA better in biology, biotechnology, medicine and other fields.
  • The backbone introduced into the cyclic structure does not contain ionic bonds, and exhibits high affinity and stability when hybridizing with nucleic acids.
  • The replacement of the backbone C atom has the advantage of not changing the configuration of the PNA, and generally does not reduce the hybridization performance of the PNA.

Our Services

PNA Backbone Modification

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