Cellular Delivery Solutions for Modified PNA

Cellular Delivery Solutions for Modified PNA

With the successful synthesis of various new PNA monomers and the study of oligomer modification, the PNA derivatives produced by the modification should rely on milder conditions to achieve their direct internalization in target cells. In order to improve the cell transport performance of these PNAs, Creative Peptides provides several PNA cell delivery strategies based on different methods.

PNA Cellular Delivery Strategies

The PNA delivery strategy we provide is based on several different methods: (a) combined with carrier molecules; (b) delivered with liposomes and lipophilic particles; (c) incorporated into polymer nanoparticles; (d) interacted with non-polymeric organic carriers; (e) incorporated into inorganic or carbon-based nanostructured materials; (f) the combination of these methods produces a multifunctional system.

CarriermolecularLipid andliposomePolymernanoparticleInorganicnanocarrierCarbonnanocarrierMultifunc-tionalsystemsLiposomes and lipid nanoparticles arewidely used to deliver insoluble drugsand nucleic acids drugs.Inorganic nanomaterials havegood stability, excellentbiocompatibility and high drugloading, and have become idealmaterials for drug delivery systems.Use self-assembled nano-polymers toform supramolecular multifunctionalsystem that can be used for cell deliveryof PNA.Carbon-based nanomaterials can beused not only as carriers, but also fortargeted delivery.Polymer nanoparticles are a kindof drug carrier with thecharacteristics of small particles,which can pass through biologicalmembrane barriers.Finding suitable carrier molecules andpreparing conjugates with excellenttransport properties are effectivemeans.

What Can We Do

  • We improve the permeability of PNA cells through the development of cell delivery systems, so that PNA can be better developed as a therapeutic agent.
  • Creative Peptides provides customized PNA delivery solutions that target specific cells so that it can be applied to treat most diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, skin diseases, eye diseases and other diseases.

General Process

PNA cellular delivery strategies - Creative Peptides
  • We first conduct a preliminary assessment to understand the characteristics of delivery objects and targets, and extensive dialogue with customers allows us to fully clarify our goals and challenges.
  • Concept and experimental verification studies are conducted to determine the feasibility of the customized PNA delivery system, and then process research is performed to find the best process parameters to obtain consistent and repeatable results.
  • Produce and evaluate PNA delivery system to further improve pharmacokinetics.

Our Advantages

PNA cellular delivery strategies - Creative Peptides
  • Fast response, one-to-one service of the project team, real-time follow-up of the progress of the experiment.
  • Provide analysis and planning of delivery strategies for different PNA types and delivery targets, and customize the best delivery strategies.
  • Provide one-stop services from PNA design to modification and synthesis, cell delivery system development, vector design and synthesis, and ensure the delivery of solutions that meet the requirements.

With a series of services, the development and research of the PNA delivery system is carried out in our fully equipped facilities, and we provide a truly complete solution for your PNA project. If you want to ask for help, please feel free to contact us and send your request!

Notice: Products and services are used only for scientific research.