Antibacterial PNA Targeting Other mRNA Development

Antibacterial PNA Targeting Other mRNA Development

In addition to essential mRNA and rRNA, PNA oligomers can also be used for antibacterial testing against other bacterial targets (including non-essential genes). As an industry leader in professional customization services, Creative Peptides has an advanced antibacterial PNA development system, and provides a variety of excellent antibacterial PNA testing services for the sequence of non-essential genes.

Other mRNA Targets

In recent years, many PNA targets have been discovered and successfully verified in bacteria. The main PNA target in PNA antibacterial applications is the mRNA of essential genes. It is important to find PNA sensitive targets that are present in bacteria but not in mammalian cells. In contrast to other small molecule compounds, antisense PNA can target almost any bacterial RNA, providing unlimited options, so PNA can be used for test identification. Here are some antibacterial PNAs that have been successfully verified to target other mRNAs.

Table.1 Development of PNA targeting other mRNA of bacteria (Wojciechowska M.; et al.2020)




MIC (μM)


Biofilm formation

Pseudomonas aeruginosaPAO1



Multidrug efflux transporter

Campylobacter jejuni



Antitoxin MazE

Escherichia coliWR3551/98



Antitoxin HipB

Escherichia coliWR3551/98



Thymidylate synthase

Escherichia coliWR3551/98



Glutamyl-tRNA synthetase

Escherichia coliWR3551/98


Service Process

Service Process

Our Advantages

Label-Free Assays for Kinase Activity

• Application Assurance Service. Creative Peptides provides you with PNA development services for specific targets, and delivers products that identify different specific sequences and achieve antibacterial purposes, greatly improving the success rate of development. The above services are carried out in a standardized scientific research laboratory to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data you get.

Label-Free Assays for Kinase Activity

• Industry-leading delivery speed. We provide high-affinity and specific antibacterial PNA development services, and deliver purified PNA products in the fastest service cycle. In response to your different needs, we will save you development costs to the greatest extent.

Label-Free Assays for Kinase Activity

• High success rate. With the continuous use of antibiotics, more and more bacteria become resistant to them. PNA has obviously different structure and biological activity characteristics, so it can be better applied to antibacterial drugs. We use advanced PNA synthesis and modification technology to provide the best PNA development services and greatly increase the success rate.

Creative Peptides'scientists are confident to provide our customers with the most reliable and cost-effective methods to promote their valuable bacterial disease research and project development. We provide customized PNA services according to customer needs. Please contact us for more information.


  • Wojciechowska M.; et al.Antibacterial peptide nucleic acids—facts and perspectives. Molecules. 2020, 25(3):559.

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