Fmoc PNA Monomers

Fmoc PNA Monomers

Fmoc PNA Monomers are Fmoc-protected iodoamine based nucleotide monomers that can be used for the synthesis of high purity, high performance PNA molecules.

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Structure Product Name / CAS / Cat Description / Size Price
Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-Aeg-OH CAS:186046-82-2
PNA monomer incorporating a A nucleobase analogue through the Fmoc protecting group Formula:C40H35N7O7
Formula Weight:725.75
Size:1 g/2 g/ 5 g/10 g/25 g
Fmoc-C(Bhoc)-Aeg-OH CAS:186046-81-1
PNA monomer incorporating a C nucleobase analogue through the Fmoc protecting group Formula:C39H35N5O8
Formula Weight:701.72
Size:1 g/2 g/ 5 g/10 g/25 g
Fmoc-G(Bhoc)-Aeg-OH CAS:186046-83-3
PNA monomer incorporating a G nucleobase analogue through the Fmoc protecting group Formula:C40H35N7O8
Formula Weight:741.75
Size:1 g/2 g/ 5 g/10 g/25 g
Fmoc-J-(Boc)-Aeg-OH CAS:1095275-70-9
Formula Weight:591.61
Size:1 g
Fmoc-PNA-Maleimido Monomer CAS:FM-005
Formula Weight:491.49
Fmoc-T-Aeg-OH CAS:169396-92-3
PNA monomer incorporating a T nucleobase analogue through the Fmoc protecting group Formula:C26H26N4O7
Formula Weight:506.51
Size:1 g/5 g/10 g/25 g
Fmoc-PNA-U-OH CAS:959151-70-3
PNA monomer incorporating a U nucleobase analogue through the Fmoc protecting group Formula:C25H24N4O5
Formula Weight:355.54
G-clamp PNA Monomers CAS:FM-008
Formula Weight:964.97
Fmoc-Aeea-OH CAS:166108-71-0
Formula Weight:385.4
Size:1 g
Fmoc-PNA-A(Boc)-OH CAS:511534-99-9
Formula Weight:615.65
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-C(Boc)-OH CAS:172405-61-7
Formula Weight:591.62
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-D(tetraBhoc)-OH Catalog:FM-012 Formula:C82H66N8O13
Formula Weight:1371.47
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-D(tetraBoc)-OH CAS:2101661-88-3
Formula Weight:931.01
Size:1 g/5 g/10 g/25 g
Fmoc-PNA-G(Boc)-OH CAS:1052677-90-3
Formula Weight:631.65
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-J(Bhoc)-OH Catalog:FM-015 Formula:C39H35N5O8
Formula Weight:701.74
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-M(Bhoc)-OH Catalog:FM-016 Formula:C40H36N4O7
Formula Weight:684.75
Size:1 g/5 g
Fmoc-PNA-M(Boc)-OH CAS:1417611-27-8
Formula Weight:574.63
Size:1 g/5 g


PNA is an oligonucleotide analog prepared by conventional solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) techniques. Solid-phase synthesis-based t-Boc and Fmoc schemes are widely used. The Fmoc solution enhances high-quality synthetic products while avoiding the use of highly corrosive chemicals. As a result, Fmoc SPPS has become a commercially popular synthesis technique. The Fmoc group is significantly selective for the protection of aliphatic primary amines of PNA monomers, but the protection of this group against the extra-cyclic amino groups of nucleobases A, C and G must be determined. The protecting group must provide sufficient protection during the synthesis process. In addition, it should be easily removed under dissociative conditions and must exhibit sufficient solubility for the corresponding monomers. Bhoc is the best candidate. It allows the PNA monomer to be preserved in 0.2 mol/L NMP for several weeks. Bhoc can be removed in less than a minute with clean TFA.

The labeling of PNA is accomplished with the linking of the cross-linker to the amino terminus. PNA can be labeled directly at the amino terminals. But often an arm is added between the reporter gene and the probe so as not to interfere with hybridization. The most commonly used arm is the 8-amino-3,6-dioxaoctanoic acid known as O-monomer. Fmoc-AEEA-OH is hydrophilic. It has the advantage of improving the yield of labeling reactions and increasing the solubility of PNA in aqueous solutions.

Fig. 1 Structure of Fmoc-AEEA-OH.Fig. 1 Structure of Fmoc-AEEA-OH.

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  • High purity
  • High solubility
  • High reactivity
  • Reasonable price


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