Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery

Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery

The release of delivered PNA from the endosomal compartment is one of the main challenges for the efficient and functional delivery of PNA to cells, chloroquine treatment can increase the intracellular bioavailability by releasing PNA from the endosome. Creative Peptides provides chloroquine treatment to further improve the cell delivery efficiency of PNA through endosome dissolution.

About Chloroquine Treatment

Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery

Chloroquine was invented in the 1940s to prevent and treat malaria. Because it mildly suppresses the immune system, the drug is also used for some autoimmune diseases. Chloroquine can interfere with immune cells called macrophages, which are used by the body to recognize tiny foreign objects and destroy them. Therefore, chloroquine can reduce the immune clearance of PNA that enters the cell by macrophages, leading to an increase in the accumulation of PNA drugs in the cell.

Treatment Method

We specifically use the method of transfection for chloroquine treatment.

Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery
  • Choose an appropriate growth medium and add chloroquine to prepare the cell culture medium, where the concentration of chloroquine in the medium needs to be optimized, because the toxicity of chloroquine depends on the cell type and the PNA conjugate.
  • Replace the growth medium with the PNA solution by removing the cells and seeding them into the multiwell plate, then adding the PNA solution, and optimizing the concentration of the added PNA based on experience.
  • Incubate the cells further to allow the PNA to fully enter the cells.

Application Scenarios

Chloroquine can alleviate the challenge of PNA delivery by adjusting the tissue microenvironment to improve PNA drug delivery and efficacy. Creative Peptides can provide PNA chloroquine treatment solutions for the following areas, including but not limited to:

  • Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery

    PNA nanomaterial delivery

  • Chloroquine Treatment for PNA Delivery
    • Our chloroquine treatment technology can help new applications of PNA drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases, eye and skin drug delivery, and penetration into the internal organs.
    • It improves the dissolution rate and bioavailability of PNA, so it can reduce the dose required to achieve the therapeutic effect, and help our customers develop more effective products.
    • Our process is designed to quickly determine the best way to enhance PNA cell delivery that suits the individual requirements of our partners. We can quickly provide low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-economic solutions.

    For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you reach your PNA delivery development.

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